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Behaviour and Behaviour analysis

Catesbi’s approach is derived from Applied Behavioural Analysis and it works with individual behaviours to make a positive, socially significant changes in the development of communication and life skills. Think of it as a lifestyle change, where the key is motivation and abilities.

Catesbi combines science of behaviour with common sense solutions and decades of empirical research to produce guidance and training for real people living real lives.

Our programmes are designed and overseen by fully qualified Behavioural Analysts.

Applied Behaviour Analysis has been successfully used in many settings including the Sports Industry and the Finance Sector and it has helped many people in countless ways.

It is the recommended therapy for autism – and can be used even if there is no formal diagnosis.

  • Scotland’s Mental Health Strategy for 2017 – 2027 and the New Autism Strategy for 2018 – 2021 have both outlined the importance of training for people who work with children on the autistic spectrum
  • The Scottish Government and the NHS have both issued guidelines recognising the benefits of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)