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Children who experience difficulties sometimes express them through behaviour that is challenging, leading to confusion, frustration and guilt.

You might be worried about the way your child is behaving, or you may be concerned about their development. You may feel tired, demoralised and believe that no one can help you.

You know your child is capable of achieving so much more and has the potential to be successful in so many ways, you just don’t know how to go around some issues?

We have the tools and guidance you need to understand and resolve challenging behaviour and deliver the help your child needs. Get in touch if you have a child with autism, a related disability  or even if your child does not have an official diagnoses. We also have experience in working with children from deprived backgrounds and with adverse childhood experiences.

Catesbi CIC provides:

Parents, carers and families are the most valuable and amazing resource children can have. We work with children as individuals to enhance their quality of life.