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Parents, carers and families are the most valuable and amazing resource children have.

Maybe you are tired of challenging behaviours and frustrated because you don’t know what to do?

You know your child is capable of achieving so much more and has the potential to be successful in so many ways, you just don’t know how to go around some issues?

Catesbi believes that all families should be given the tools and step by step guidance so they can provide the best for their children. Get in touch if you have a child with autism, a related disability  or even if your child does not have an official diagnoses. We also have experience in working with carers and children with high ACEs score and from deprived backgrounds.

You will get a guidance on how to help your child with their functional skills, verbal behaviour, challenging behaviour and so much more through:

You’ll learn about functional communication skills, motivation and positive reinforcement, teaching through play and prevention strategies, social skills, how to reduce challenging behaviour and how to teach new daily skills.

Our approach is designed to work hand in hand with other therapies or it can be practised on its own. The training covers a range of topics essential for everyday life and through regular morning sessions for families and small groups of parents, Catesbi will guide you every step of the way.

You can do a minimum of 8 sessions or up to 13 sessions over few weeks. We can also arrange hands-on sessions with your child under  the supervision of a qualified, experienced Behavioural Analyst.

These sessions are individually tailored to children and families. Sessions include, observation, training, assessments and hands on training.