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For Professionals

Many professionals including nursery workers, health workers, teachers and care support staff are increasingly encountering children with autism and other disabilities. Many professionals in Scotland have not yet received training to use this new approach

Catesbi would like to help.

We are primed to enhance your professional development through our programmes of in – house training, tailored to your needs – and there is scope for funding as well.

Catesbi can provide:

We can deliver one off sessions or regular programmes over several weeks. We can deliver training to you as an individual, your team, or to your whole organisation – and we can adapt the training to meet your professional needs.

We focus on enhancing the developmental process, improving communication, life and social skills and play skills as well as general autism awareness, helping to prevent challenging behaviour.

This can be added to with a whole range of behaviour management approaches, up to and including direct involvement by a qualified and experienced Behavioural Analyst.

These approaches can be used in combination with other therapies.

  • Catesbi can come to a venue of your choice.
  • We can gear your training around your professional needs or the needs of your organisation.
  • We take responsibility for improving your knowledge and skills.