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Who wouldn’t like to have a nice schedule for their children to organise the day? Something organised and colourful, something that works for you and your child. Children with autism, developmental delays, or children who really thrive on structure, benefit from a daily plan.

I have had many people asking for the best ways to design their charts, schedules, planners and pictures for PECS. So I’ve made a list of the best options on the market. Let me know if you think I’ve missed anything! 

Lesson Pix 

Now free but if you want to print without a watermark it’s only $3 a month

You can give this a quick try, it really doesn’t take long. Its a great site with lots of resources, options, and printing varieties. Simply press the yellow button on the left that says ‘free’ and sign up. In three steps you will have created your first visual.  The new Powerpoint option is good to explore for telehealth.


Currently free for 90 days. 

This site is really easy to navigate, perfect for what you might need. Help yourself to a freebie. I created some for my clients. You can subscribe to them or get scanned copy from Dropbox.

V2GO (Visuals to Go)

Free app, be careful not to upload V2GOEXP (which is £190!)

You can first review a video how to navigate this. It is surprisingly easy, you can print pics from your phone. The basics are free which should be enough to get you going. You can then buy extras by topics from £0.99. Or go crazy and get a 1 month subscription for everything for £5.99. Schedules are for £2.99


Free trial. Individual subscription starts at £5, Schools subscription at £6.

This website has so many options your head will spin. There are nice templates and examples ready to print. I enjoyed playing and widgiting with the free version. I particularly liked this one.

However, I was surprised that the watermark was there for printing. You can print only if you get a subscription. 

They also have InPrint3 and other symbol products great for health and education professionals. 

InPrint 3 

Free trial

This software is better for PC. I did not download it because they do not produce versions for Macs or iPads. You can use it with Apple devices, however, if you use an extra emulation software such as parallels or VirtualBox.  



The first time I saw this I was not impressed just because I had been spoiled by Boardmaker. Yet, it gives you everything you need. It’s not the prettiest in the world but it does what it says on the tin. It has everything you might need to create a good schedule and you can upload your own photos too. 

Old Fashioned Word Document

Free if you already have office, or use googledocs if not! 

The easiest way to create a schedule or pictures for PECS is to create your own Word document. Then create a Card Picture Grid. Set the grid size that suits your child and upload photos from Google images or your camera. 

Other options are to do it through PowerPoint or Labels in Word Doc.

Otherwise please send me your dimensions, and pictures, and I’ll email you the whole thing!

Get in touch 

 If you have any further questions about behavioural therapy, or you want to know more about getting support for your organisation or child, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

With thanks to Betty for edits, questions and suggestions 🙂

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