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Behaviour and skills assessment

This is the first step to understand why a behaviour is happening or not. The length of assessment varies.

Behaviour Intervention

1-1 guidance on how to achieve desired outcomes. Please see more information below.


Early Positive Behaviour Support (E-PBS) Training

Training for nursery and primary staff adapted to your needs. You will learn about behaviour & behaviour strategies. We can also help with individual behaviour interventions and policies for your setting.


Bespoke training packages for organisations:

40 hours of Register Behaviour Technician (RBT) course. This is the first step to becoming registered with Behaviour Analyst Certification Board.  Find out more: https://www.bacb.com/rbt/


Conferences & Workshops

Focused on variety of topics from behavioural perspective, delivered in partnership with Board Certified Behavioural Analysts and/or Psychologists.

Are you interested in a specific behaviour training for your organisation? I invite you to get in touch to discuss.

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Services featured image

Practical hand on intervention, assessment & guidance


The aim is to reduce challenging behaviour, increase positive behaviour and teach new skills.

Intervention includes assessments, reports, goal setting, guidance, implementation, evaluation and it is overseen by a Behaviour analyst.

We are happy to work with individuals, families, nurseries, schools and professionals from other settings.

We focus on one skill at a time. Depending on the intensity of a behaviour our interventions last up to 6 months.