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Individualised sessions on 1-1 bases

Up to 13hours of sessions with parents/carers and other family members focused on understanding behaviour, prevention of behaviours that challenge you and teaching new skills

Short, Informative Trainings for groups

Topics cover:

  • Autism Awareness, Recommended Interventions & supports,
  • Applied behaviour analysis (ABA)
  • Understanding behaviour, Positive behaviour supports,
  • Social skills, Conversations & functional communication,
  • Teaching strategies

Bespoke training packages for organisations:

In-house training for: Early Years, NHS, Education, businesses and 3rd sector, developed to your specifications


Focused on variety of topics from behavioural perspective, delivered in partnership with Board Certified Behavioural Analysts

Services featured image
Services featured image

Practical hand on intervention, assessment & training

Aim: Teach new skills, Improve behaviours

Includes: assessments, reports, goal setting, training, implementation, evaluation

Overseen by a behaviour analyst or Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner

For: individuals, families, nurseries, schools and other settings

One skill at a time

Hands on training – 3 months

Behavioural interventions and policies